What are the Indicators That You May Need a New Roof?

Emergency Roof Repair
November 13, 2020

When it hasn’t rained recently in Toluca Lake or anywhere in SoCal, for that matter, how do you know that you need a new roof before it rains again?

Begin by inspecting the interior of your home for peeling paint or bubbling plaster on ceilings or walls. Also, if it does rain in Toluca Lake, check for new stains on your ceiling after the rain, as this is a sure sign that you have a leak.

Inspect your gutters for shingle debris and on your lawn. Climb up to the roof and look over your roofing material. Check for shingles are buckling or curling or blistering.

Remember that your roof is always exposed to the harsh elements of Southern California – the heat of the sun and the winds even when it does not rain in Toluca Lake. The daily ultraviolet rays with extreme heat of the sun does eventually age materials, so make sure to check the south and west facing slopes, especially.

The occasional strong winds can cause your shingles to lift. Once lifted this can cause dry rot and threaten the structural integrity of your roof.  When it does rain, lifted shingles can allow the rainwater and even debris underneath the shingles. Once that some of your shingles have torn off, it’s more likely for remaining shingles to loosen and rip or blow off.

need a new roof?

Make sure you clean the gutters twice a year or more if you have large trees. Leaves in gutters and on your roof can cause rot from the moisture they hold. The leaves also block drainage and can cause standing water. Keep an eye out for tree branches touching your roof as that can cause damage to your shingles.

So whether you need a new roof or just a roof inspection or repair, J and J   is known to be one of the top roofing companies servicing Toluca Lake. Visit our website to schedule an appointment or just give us a call.

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