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Comprehensive Roofing Services for Contractors and Property Managers in Los Angeles and Surrounding Areas

For contractors and property managers in communities across Los Angeles, having a dependable roofing partner is essential to the success of your projects and the maintenance of your properties. At J & J Roofing, we understand your unique needs and offer a comprehensive suite of roofing services designed to meet the demands of your industry.

We offer a Free Estimate to answer your roofing questions. We will quickly turn around a meaningful bid that addresses the problem in clear terms, usually with edited digital pictures so that you don’t have to waste even more time explaining to the client or HOA Board what it’s for, or why it’s needed. A picture is worth a thousand words and our bids are thorough, uniform and easy to understand.

Our Services for Contractors and Property Managers

1. Free Roof Inspections: We offer complimentary roof inspections to determine preventative maintenance needs and future planning assessments. Our thorough inspections provide you with valuable insights into the condition of your roofs.

2. Cost-Effective Leak Management: At J & J Roofing, we specialize in cost-effective leak management solutions. We understand the importance of budget-friendly options and work diligently to address leaks without breaking the bank.

3. Effective Flat Roof Repairs: We excel in flat roof repairs that actually work. Instead of recommending costly re-roofing, we offer budget-friendly solutions tailored to your flat roof situations. We prioritize efficient and cost-effective leak management.

4. Quality Commercial New Roof Installation: Our team takes pride in every commercial new roof installation. We use the best materials for each unique application, ensuring the longevity and reliability of your roofing systems.

ESCROW inspections are different – usually a solid $385 with full and accurate report provided upon completion & payment

Our Valued Clients:

Our satisfied clients include California Banquet Corp., California Design Team, Coldwell Banker Previews, Dilbeck Realtors, DW Hanson Construction, Jenkins Properties, Inc., Keeler-Dilbeck Realty, Management Emporium, PG Alexandre Construction, Inc., Sterpa Real Estate Services, Roger Perron, Inc., Westcom Property Management, and many more. We have also served numerous churches, celebrities, and thousands of homeowners.

Schedule Your Free Roofing Estimate:

We offer a Free Roofing Estimate to address your roofing questions. Our estimates are clear, and thorough, and often include edited digital pictures, eliminating the need for additional explanations. A picture is worth a thousand words, and our bids are designed to be easy to understand.

Call (323) 913-4190 to discover how J & J Roofing can assist you with dependable and efficient roofing solutions tailored to contractors and property managers in Los Angeles region of Southern California. Your satisfaction is our commitment, and we look forward to serving you.

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When it comes to roofing services in communities across Los Angeles, one name stands above the rest – J & J Roofing. We are proud to be recognized as the best roofing contractor in the city, and our reputation is built on a foundation of excellence, integrity, and dedication to our customers.

Quality at Its Best

We take immense pride in offering roofing services that epitomize quality and professionalism. With a 100% customer referral rate, our reputation is a testament to our honest price estimates, friendly service, and unmatched workmanship. Our commitment goes beyond mere transactions – we're here to be your top-quality roofer and a partner in safeguarding your property.


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Whether it's residential roof repairs, commercial roof installations, or anything in between, J & J Roofing has you covered. Our wide range of services ensures that we can meet all your roofing needs under one roof.

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Mike and his crew are AWESOME! Definitely would recommend their services to anyone!

I wish I knew of J&J 10 years ago! Would have spared us grief and money. I have referred J&J to anyone who needs a roof. Great, reliable, honest and reasonable on the pocket book. I bid my roof to about 5 vendors so I know what others are charging......SHOCKING!

J&J Roofing is the best. They know what they are doing and deliver on what they are contracted to do! And they have a great team in the field and in the office.

I cannot say enough good things about J and J Roofing! They've taken care of my roof for years. Both Matt and Rob are incredibly knowledgeable and kind. They respond very quickly and do amazing work. Their prices are also great. I'm so grateful I found them years ago.

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