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At J & J Roofing, we believe that our work speaks for itself. Our commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and roofing excellence has earned us the trust and appreciation of countless customers in Los Angeles. We invite you to explore our testimonials, where you can read real stories and experiences from our satisfied customers. Discover why J & J Roofing is the preferred choice for roofing solutions in Los Angeles.

yelp stars 5  I had an experience that seems to have simply been an unfortunate mistake, confusing my job with another job (that was beyond their normal business). Things seem to be back on track and going smoothly.

thumb Dennis R.

yelp stars 5  Needed a new tile roof as the old one had been leaking in several areas. Contacted J & J Roofing, and they went over my options regarding fixing versus full roof replacement. I decided on replacement and thanks to J & J I now have a nice new roof!

thumb Laura M.

yelp stars 5  Replaced 5 different roofs for me at various times over the last 20 years. Always a great experience with these guys. Would not hire anyone else.

thumb Robert C.

yelp stars 5  Outstanding customer service by Matt and his team! The inspector showed up right on time for our appointment, which was greatly appreciated during a busy work day, and completed a thorough inspection of my roof. The news was not good, but Matt personally followed up with me several times regarding my situation knowing it was a difficult. He is a class act - professional, kind, and honest. Speaks volume regarding how this family runs its company with compassion and integrity!

thumb Dinah T.

yelp stars 5  J&J roofing did a fantastic job. They were very communicative and installation went very smoothly. They did great work and were very diligent on cleaning up each day. I would highly recommend them for your roofing project.

thumb Matthew K.

yelp stars 5  After meeting with three roofing contractors last September, I finally chose J and J Roofing to help me with my whole house roof replacement job. I was very impressed with Matt. He was friendly, professional, and honest, went out of his way to explain the details, and wrote the best contract and quote details I have ever seen.

Since I am in an ancient house, even the original roof didn't even have plywood. When I walked up to the attic, I saw the sky directly from the various lofts. Our municipality has stringent rules about roofing materials and colors, and due to the global supply chain shortage last year, the shingles I ordered took six months to arrive.

There was a lot of rain in Los Angeles last year, and J and J even made temporary repairs for free to reduce the risk of rainwater infiltration in the house when it came. In May of this year, Matt told me that our roof had arrived, and we were ready to start our project. Justin and I then finalized the schedule and details and completed the entire roof replacement in June. Throughout this time, Justin and I had very smooth communication, and he was just as professional and friendly as Matt. My new roof is now beautiful and looks very strong and perfect. I highly recommend J and J if I have any future roofing needs or if my friends need a reliable roofing company. They are the best.

thumb Chenxuan W.

yelp stars 5  I had J&J come out to check on drywall over my kitchen window that was bubbling.  Sure enough, Joe found that the roofers that installed my roof had failed to seal 20 nail holes.  He was able to fix the problem promptly at what these days is a reasonable price.  

Joe was on time, something that is rare when waiting for workers to show up.  I highly recommend them.  

I referred my neighbor, who needs roof replacement, to J&J.

thumb Esther D.

yelp stars 5  It was worth the wait for Josh to come by. There's a reason J & J is so busy. They are knowledgeable, honest & personable. Luckily our ADU roof hasn't been leaking but we still needed to have it checked since it's getting up in years. It took a few weeks before Josh was able to come around to take a look but that was fine with us. Turns out the roof is still good so we won't be needing their services but will keep J & J in mind when the time comes.

thumb Clarisse C.

yelp stars 5  What a relief, people who still know how to do a job & are actually good at it!
The customer service landscape in 2023 is either corporate scripted hellzone or mumblemouth zoomers who really don't want to be there. It was nice to interact with real human beings for a change and also have the job completed well and quickly.

Same roof leak had been addressed twice by previous vendors and second time they just said "we don't know what the problem is!" (despite a very obvious opening in the flashing crawling up the wall)

Estimator Jush was communicative and precise.
Work crew was on time, clean and surprisingly unobtrusive for the scope of work performed (spanish tiles). In direct comparison, my next-door neighbor got a reroof from some other company one month prior and that crew made a huge mess, re-used old flashing smeared with Henry's, did a shyte job overall that required multiple revisits and were blasting some kind of awful Trap Bachata the entire day.

Paperwork was all very explicit and easy to navigate, office staff are cool people. Pricing these days is uncharted territory but for a 5man crew that put in 3 full days lifting all the tiles, laying new tar paper and new flashing, I think it was a great value.

Highly recommend.

thumb D G.

yelp stars 5  I used J&J Roofing based on the recommendation of a friend.
They replaced our flat roof with TPO in 2021. They did a professional job and when we had leaks after the recent heavy rains / flooding's they came out and fixed the leaks.
I would highly recommend them.

thumb N K.

yelp stars 5  Your search for a roofer ends here!  After contacting several highly rated places on Yelp for an estimate on my leaky roof,  Jush and his crew were the only ones that didn't try to price gouge me.  They were responsive, knowledgeable, and trustworthy.  Saved me thousands on what he said was routine maintenance.  I look forward to working with them again in the future!

thumb CIRA ..

yelp stars 5  After calling another roofing contractor twice that I previously used and was pleased with their work, they scheduled a visit from the owner to provide me with an estimate for re-roofing.  He never showed nor did he call to reschedule.  I called J&J Roofing and they scheduled a visit to provide me with an estimate.  In that I felt that the cost to re-roof a section of my roof with wood shingles was high, reflecting the cost of the material, I requested a second estimate on re-roofing the entire house in composition shingles.  I felt the updated estimate to be fair so I asked for them to provide me with a start date.  The estimated start date was very close to the actual start date.  The job took six days which included removing the old wood shingles, replacing damaged plywood and installing the new roof.  The crew cleaned up the work site beyond my expectations and provided me with an excellent new roof.  Neighbors complemented me on how good the new roof looks and I'll have to agree with them.  The new roof withstood the January rains with no leaks whatsoever.  I complement J&J Roofing for the excellent job they did and highly recommend them.

thumb Ronald R.

yelp stars 4  I've been using J & J Roofing for several years now, and despite their having to come out a few times to re-repair leaks, I've been fairly happy with their work.  That's why it was a rather unexpected shock that after all these years one of the repeated complaints found on Yelp about them seemingly turns out to be true!  After these last couple of rain storms I had more leaks, so I called J&J and no return call.  Okay, no biggie, figured they must be busy and all.  So , after a few days I call again, and again no return call.  I try a third time a week later, and still nothing!  It's been several weeks now and I still haven't received a return call.  So much for taking care of established customers.  Oh well, looks like I'm going with a competitor of theirs for the roof repair and eventual replacement.   Good luck to you!

Update:  Received a private message from Mike explaining things.  I appreciate the quick response!  Now that's the  J & J I know!  Thanks Mike!  You'll be hearing from me soon.

thumb Steve D.

yelp stars 5  I have worked with J&J Roofing for many years. They work on my house and my sister's house. Last year we installed a TPO (giant plastic sheet of roofing material) on a flat roof at my sister's house. TPO has worked very well. This last set of storms really put TPO to the test. No leaks at all since it was installed. This roofing technology is great. The install crew was knowledgeable, respectful of property and quick. Setting up schedule at office was smooth and communication clear as always.

With the last storm's heavy dump my roof needs J&J to fix it. May need a new roof. Have to call and get on the schedule. If you need roofing work call J&J.

thumb Flip C.

yelp stars 5  I have been using J&J Roofing for a few years. I was first contacted them to do semi annual maintenance on my strip mall.  I was impressed by the amount of detail they provided about what they would be doing.  I also bid it to more than one roofer and they were the more reasonable cost wise.  They work was excellent.  This year I had a couple of leaks.  They were very busy with the recent rains.  Being a returning customer got me priority and they were able to come out and fix the leak and do another general maintenance service.  Even my tenant complimented their work.

thumb Dennis E.

yelp stars 5  They were awesome. In and out in two days and I love our new metal roof. Highly recommend.

thumb Steve B.
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