Ask These Questions to Choose Your Roofer

June 5, 2020

You have checked around and found a few roofers who are coming over to look at your roof. What do you ask to know which is the best roofer to hire?

Will a written estimate be sent to me? If the estimator offers you the estimate immediately after his inspection and attempts to close you, right then and there, we suggest you look for a different company. This estimate will likely be too high or missing essential details.

If the plywood is rotten or the decking is soft, what will you charge me for the replacement of the plywood? The estimate should include a dollar amount per sheet of plywood or per running foot of deck boards. If not, you may be overcharged.

Hire a Roofer

How to Choose a Roofer

Where will the waste container be kept and for how long? They will need to properly dispose of all the refuse from the job including shingles, old wood, packaging, etc. You must have this setup in advance so you know how much driveway or street space will be used up. The cost for this should be included in the bid.

Who will take off the old roof?  It could be the roofing company or they could hire out another company. Your bid should include the cost of removing the existing shingles or not.

What happens if it is very windy or rains during the work? How will my property be protected? Do you ever have to postpone the work?

Make sure to find out that company’s policy during inclement weather. Your home’s interior must be protected by tarps or plastic covers on the roof, if it rains. If the weather lasts a few days in a row, make sure someone comes out and ensures the covering is still in place. In the case of wind, similar precautions should be taken.

Will you protect the landscaping and rest of my property during the project? Begin by walking around the property and pointing out any area that may concern you. Remember there will be several workers coming and going and a variety of equipment will be used.

What if you are not ready to get the work done? The company should be a longstanding, local roofing company, so the answer you should get is “not a problem”.  If someone tries to “hard sell” you to start immediately, you may not be dealing with a reputable company.

Make sure to get the contact info for the onsite person who will be running the job. 

These are great questions to ask when you must decide to hire a roofer. J and J Roofing is the leading Los Angeles Roofing Company.  For a fair and Free Estimate – contact us at 323 913 4190 or on our website.