Last Call Before the Storms…

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Here comes the rain again…

As we reach the end of the warmer months and finally enter into the rainy season, right now is the perfect time to reach our inspectors since they’re most likely to be most available for your calls.

Having your roof checked now is easier than being forced to react to costly leaks during the rainy season when every roofer’s phones ring off the hook. We’re already starting to get really busy with work so we figure it’s going to be a busy winter. The last few years have been slow and people will be playing catch up.

Before the storms

J&J Roofing offers it’s $155.00 roof check-up, available just by calling 323 913 4190, or by emailing us.  This check-up involves an inspector (30-plus years experience) checking over your entire roofing system and sealing/repairing vulnerable points found.  The reason we offer this is because when we do free estimates, due to having to cover the costs of experienced inspectors (and drive time and mileage and overhead), repair bids are usually higher than $155.00

Agreeing to a roof check-up is a no-brainer because of a few simple things:

1) You are guaranteed to get $155.00 worth of help which means peace of mind.
2) You save money by agreeing to the comparatively low repair price offered
3) if we actually find nothing to do, we don’t charge.

In some rare cases, such as there being too much work to handle (i.e. more than a couple hours) or other factors including extremely steep roofs or extremely large (e.g. commercial) buildings, we cannot do the $155.00 roof check-up, we will send you a free estimate on what it would take to handle your roof.  In other words, you won’t get surprised with a bill.

We can be reached at 323.913.4190, from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm, Monday through Friday.  Getting you set up for this roof check-up is very easy, give us a call.

If you’re looking for a someone to handle your cool roof system, we’re the roofing company… before the storms.

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