Energy Efficient Roofing – Cut Your Cooling Costs by Reflecting the Sun Off the Roof

Energy Efficient can save money on your cooling costs for the summer.

The first concept is reflecting the sun. In the case of flat roofs (or roofs that are sloped roofs but have a flat, smooth roof type product on it that are not shingles), we suggest a white ultra-reflective coating.  The coating is essentially a rubberized paint with highly effective UV inhibitors built in.

Matt Glass inspecting a roof

Matt Glass Inspecting a Roof

Lowering the temperature in your attic makes it easier for your air conditioner to cool your house. Matt, one of the J & J owners, said that he found the following after he coated his flat roof.

Energy Efficient Results

Prior to coating: Outside air temp = 92 degrees @ 2pm, inside air temp 79 degrees and rising with the AC running full blast since 11:30am.
After coating: Outside air temp = 92 degrees @ 2pm, inside air temp 72 degrees. Haven’t turned on AC yet!

Obviously, results vary depending on exposure to your home.

If you’re looking for a someone to handle your cool roof system, we’re the company.

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