How Do High Winds Affect Roofing in Los Angeles?

The recent winds may have affected your roofing in Los Angeles and here’s the skinny on checking it out…

If your roof is older, and you experience wind gusts in the 50+ mph range you can lose shingles and sometimes even tiles.  In addition to this, a surprising amount of debris can collect on flat roofs which can cause drains to clog or other problems.

Sometimes the damage is easy to spot but often there are sections of roof which are difficult to see, especially on a two-story home.

Damage is not limited to older composition shingle roofs.  Sometimes when wind gusts are just right, roof damage can occur where you wouldn’t expect it, even with a newer roof (though this is rare).

And of course the most common source of wind damage is from tree branches either rubbing or falling on a roof.

The trick is, to get your roof inspected and the damage reported before the one year statute of limitations imposed by most insurance companies.  But that’s assuming the damage is major; very often it’s just a shingle or two and is easily and cheaply fixed.

Be sure to check out your roof for any damage after heavy winds or if you want a Los Angeles Professional to do it, give us a call.  877 7MY-ROOF

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