All the Los Angeles cities have flat roofs, from Silverlake to Beverlywood and Malibu. Flat roofing is an often misunderstood area, perhaps because most people never see a flat roof and always see slanted roofs with tile or shingles.

The two most commonly used and least expensive flat roof types are known as torchdown and hot tar. At J&J Roofing, while we’re always looking for new technology, we do not make our clients guinea pigs.  However, GACO Roof Products, which has been around since the 50s, has a product that we’re warming up to.

The short story is that it’s a method for re-roofing a flat roof without removing it.  The product is silicone based, and they boast that it was used on the Saturn V rocket to shield for re-entry.  They offer a 50-year-warranty and it’s ultra-reflective to boot. Reflective roof coatings are often chosen for the ability to lower energy usage in the home or office building.

Flat Roofing Repair by J and J Roofing
Flat Roofing Repair by Los Angeles Roofer J and J Roofing

This product doesn’t work for every flat roof scenario but will for many and where access is difficult, or for whatever reason a tear off is undesirable (you have open ceilings and debris would fall in, it’s a production studio, noise or dust is a problem, and so on) it can be a good solution.  It is not a cheap product in fact, it’s very expensive however it tends to cost a little less than a traditional tear off and re-roof in some instances so it’s affordable.

Remember that it is essential to have your roof inspected regularly to verify when you will need to replace your roof. J and J Roofing can tell you what approach will be best for you. Call us at 877 7MY ROOF to set up a free estimate.

Matt Glass is one of the family owners of J and J Roofing who are known throughout Los Angeles as a high-quality yet affordable roofing company servicing all of LA including Beverlywood, Silverlake, Malibu and all places in between.