Do I Need a New Roof or a Roof Repair?

Roof Inspections
June 20, 2020

The rains came this year. Lots of rain. Did you hear that dreaded “drip, drip”?

If so, you now need to establish if you need a roof repair or a whole new roof. But you should not just climb up on the roof and check it yourself. First you need to find a reputable roofer. You can ask friends and relatives, check Angie’s List and YELP or do a Google search for a Los Angeles roofing company. Then, read all the reviews. You can do all of that. Or find a local roofing supply company and ask them for a referral. Ideally both.

A reputable roofer has a lot of experience – seeing various leaks, over, and over, and over again. First, they are looking for the obvious signs of water entry.  This might be water stains on the ceiling or sediment under shingles in places it should not be – this indicates water entry or rusty nails heads underneath, etc.

Some of the time, they will look and not immediately figure out what is the source of the problem.  Other times, at first look, it is obvious what is causing the leak. And sometimes, it may take destructive testing (tearing open the roof) in order to be able to find out where the leak is.

On a shingle roof, there are signs to tell a good roof from a bad one. Sometimes the shingle lines are not straight but wavy and sometimes you can actually see exposed nail heads.

Roof Maintenance Check

A flat roof may look “too clean” – where the rolls overlap there should be black lines, unless they covered them with extra white granules. This helps the roofer to find the problem.

You should be able to get a free roofing estimate. Call a professional roofer and have them check your roof so you know if you need a roof repair or a new roof. If you call J and J Los Angeles, there will be no charge and no obligation.

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