Are you Waiting to See a Roofer Now?

Why are you waiting to see a roofer? Well, living in SoCal is pretty heavenly because the weather is awesome and it hardly ever rains. For a homeowner, the roof seems an unlikely worry – because of that.  Right?

But what about when it does rain? Can’t you just get a to head on out a few days after it rains? Honestly, unless you are a top client with multiple homes, a friend or family member of a roofer or just plain lucky, you will have to wait weeks to meet with a roofer.

Rain on Roof Means Waiting to See a Roofer

Rain on Roof Means Waiting to See a

Why? J and J is one of the top roofing companies in SoCal.  – with five estimators who are mostly all family and a large team of roofing professionals –  the phones rang off the hook after that last rain. They can only see so many people in a day (because they also have to send out estimates to the ones they do visit.)

To put it in perspective, if there’s no rain in a week J and J will get 20 or so new phone calls from people wanting to have their roofs inspected. If it SoCal gets ½ inch of rain or it’s a bit windy that might jump to 50 or 70 calls.

But when it rains more than an inch, like it did a few weeks ago, hundreds of calls come flooding in. First on Wednesday night it rained one inch and over 200 calls came in on Thursday and Friday alone. Then it downpoured on the weekend and another few hundred calls came in over the next week. (It’s impossible to keep track of the exact calls after a rain like that.)

Did your roof leak with that last rain? If not, this means that you should call and schedule a roof check now. If you did find leaks, call and get a free estimate from one of our busy estimators. And either way, realize that you will need to wait a week or two.

An annual roof check is just good planning. At J and J Roofing, for $155.00 we will inspect your system and do any minor maintenance that we find is needed.

Or, if our inspector finds that you actually need more than a simple roof check-up (which has happened regularly), we will give you a free inspection and send an estimate to you. You owe us zilch and you have no obligation to get the work done from us.

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