Steps to take to prepare for a reroof

If you’re about to get a new roof then no doubt your roofer will explain certain things to you so that you’re better prepared but not all roofers are very conscientious about explaining what to prepare for. Generally speaking the following does not apply to minor roof repairs.

The first thing to know about most roofing jobs is that they are usually very noisy, dusty, and dirty and as a necessity, they start early (7am). In fact most roofers would prefer to start earlier, to beat the hot sun even more, but the law in most places will not allow working before 7am.

If you’re getting a full reroof including your existing roof removed there’s going to be a lot of dust and debris flying. Of particular concern are old rusty nails that will get into your grass in your garden which can play havoc on your pets and children so you want to make sure that your roofer uses rolling magnets several times throughout your entire property. If the edge of your roof is very close to your property line it is quite likely some debris will fall into your neighbor’s yard. It’s a good idea to let all your neighbors know when you’re getting a reroof.

If you’re getting your garage done as well, there’s a very good chance that a lot of debris will fall inside if your garage does not have an attic or finished ceiling. If your car is in there you’re going to want to get it out of there. It’s a good idea to get some light painters plastic to cover things up in there. The roofing company may or may not clean that out for you and you should just ask them if it’s part of the job.

J and J Reroof
Prepare for a Reroof

The contractors are going to need your driveway for the duration of the job. They are not going to want to park their work trucks a block away and walk to them every time they need a nail or another bundle of shingles and keeping your contractor happy and saving him time is a good thing and will only help you.

If you have pets and they seem to be sensitive to loud noises this will not be a happy time for them and you should consider getting your pets to a pet sitter. In as much as possible keep your windows and doors closed and try to stay out of the workers way. Its not a good idea to simply march outside your backdoor without warning anybody that may well be working near the edge with hammers nails and heavy objects. You want to take care when getting a reroof.