Roof Inspection Time is Now

Fall is here and winter is on the way. In SoCal – especially over the past few years – this has not really meant much difference as far as the weather goes, but it is still an important time to have your roof inspection done.

While your roof is one of your building’s most valuable assets, it is also one of the most vulnerable parts of your home or office.

You don’t want a leaky roof when the rains come. Believe me. When you wait to phone a roofer after a few inches of rain and the pitter-patter of raindrops is keeping you awake at night – you will find yourself in a long line of other Californians who have forgotten all about their poor neglected roof.

A professional roof inspection ensures continued efficiency and extends the optimum life of the roof.

A qualified roofing inspection will:
Evaluate your need for roof cleaning and debris removal
Find and assess areas that are weathering prematurely
Discover any destruction created by repairman or unit installers
Locate previous storm damage caused by wind, heavy rain or debris.
Thoroughly inspect for leak assessment
Evaluate drainage problems
Determine any need for warranty maintenance or repair

Before the inspection make sure to gather your documents detailing the age of the roof as well as any prior repairs and warranty documentation. Be ready to alert the inspector of any work done on your roof since your last inspection, such as satellite dish or A/C unit work.

Matt Glass doing a Roof Inspection
Matt Glass doing a Roof Inspection

First the inspector will visually inspect the surface of the roof, noting any surface deterioration and previous water ponding.

He will check if any tile or roofing material has come loose, curling, is blistering or starting to flare up.  Next he will check for signs of leaks. When done, he will analyze the information he has gathered.

When you have J and J do your annual roof inspection, the cost of $155.00 covers the inspection and also covers basic maintenance and sealing of anything we find that looks open or vulnerable.