Is Your Roof Ready?

Is Your Roof Ready?
November 19, 2023

In sunny Southern California, your roof can often be the furthest thing from your mind.  But the time to address potential roofing issues is before rains come and force the issue.  Which means you’ll be competing with thousands of other people trying to reach a roofer and get on their schedule.

Some people have a brand new roof from us and are set.  But the passage of time, traffic on the roof, or accidents such as a tree limb falling can cause damage to a roofing system that should be addressed.  Even relatively newer roofing systems, exposed to weather extremes year after year, do need routine maintenance after a while.

It can cost money to prevent leaks, but it costs more to ignore your roof.  To make it easy, J&J Roofing offers our Roof Check-Up service for $155.00.  We’ve been doing it for over fifteen years, and have not changed the price, for the simple reason that it has helped us meet a lot of new customers, plus our existing customers like it a lot.  You do not need a roof check up service if you are contacting us for major work and/or a re-roof; that is a free estimate.  But we have had people call for “major work” who ended up just paying us for a roof check-up service, much to their happy surprise.

The Roof Check-Up service includes an inspection of the existing roof, and an analysis of what it might need, but this is what distinguishes it from other site inspections: it includes on-the-spot materials and labor to address issues we observe.  Many times this handles what the property owner needs.

Other times it might only address minor issues and we’ll provide a free estimate for the larger scope of work that we see needed.  But what it always does is impart value to the property owner.  Because you have hired us for a roof check-up service, we’re going to end up doing work that would have been a $385 to $685 repair proposal from any other roofer.  How can we do that?  One trip, one visit, handle on the spot.  This means we’re not having to have an in-office contractor write a proposal, send it to you, get it approved, write it up, scheduling works with you to find a day, then a two-man repair crew driven back out to your home to do the work, after which the office contacts you to get paid.  We don’t make any money on this overall, but we do make (and keep) friends which is the point.

Fine print: if you have a brand new roof (5 years old or less), the $155 charge is imposed regardless if we find anything or not, keep in mind we do not recommend this service if your roof is 5 years old or less.  It should not really need any maintenance (some do accumulate debris on the roof, and have used our Roof Check Up service to address that).  Roof Check Up service does not apply if it’s a super big property that will obviously take more than a short maintenance visit, but you can always ask us for a free estimate on any property.

You do not need to hire us for a roof check up service if you are contacting us for major work and/or a re-roof, that is a free estimate.  No one is obligated to hire us for this service unless a) we advise that it is of use to the customer and b) they approve us doing it.  We don’t just do work and then surprise a property owner with a bill, we’d be unhappy if it happened to us so we don’t do that to others.

E-mail us at and/or call us at 323 913 4190, or request it on our website, we’d be happy to help you.