How Do I Know When Roof Replacement is necessary?

In Los Angeles, roof replacement is not required as often as other areas with more severe weather. Roofing in areas like Woodland Hills or West Hills, where the weather is hotter and the sun more relentless may have a slightly shorter life. Of course, homes in Los Feliz, Silverlake, Burbank or Pasadena may find longer roof life and less roof replacement issues.

Regardless, there are two inspections necessary to know when a new roof is needed for a home or building. Of course, the exterior of the roof should be thoroughly inspected by an experienced and reputable roofing company. Additionally, the interior of your home should be checked, as well.

Very often, leaks or missing tiles/shingles can be repaired with an inexpensive visit from your local roofer. It is most important that any problem be noted early and immediate steps are taken to ensure full repair. Early detection is important in roofing troubles, they never repair themselves, only develop into bigger more expensive problems.

Often shingles or tiles will be missing. High winds or improper installation can cause displacement of tiles and shingles. Rain gutters should checked for excessive debris. Also, it should be noted if granules from the roofing material have dislodged and are in the gutters. On an older roof this could mean that it is time to reroof or replace your roof.

If the roof is found to have been improperly installed or damaged flashing is noticed around vents, chimneys or skylights, this is a cause for concern. Shingles may buckle as a result of felt that is not properly installed and also if the roof decking is found to be improperly nailed. If problems are determined early and repaired to avoid leaks onto the wooden roof decking, roof replacement may be avoided.

Significant to the decision of whether or not roof replacement is needed, is the condition of the rafters and roof decking. Finding that the decking is sagging between the rafters or (as mentioned before) decking is damaged will indicate that roofing work is definitely needed. Replacing missing shingles or tiles, will not necessarily take care of these roofing problems.

Signs of leaking found in the attic may be noted by dark spots on the wood or walls, or around holes in the roof such as vents, chimneys and the like. If the spot is soft or still wet, an obvious recent leak has occurred. If the stains are dry and hard, then perhaps the cause of the leak has already been rectified.

If you have your roof inspected annually by a roofing contractor, such as J and J Roofing, your chances of roof longevity improve greatly. Los Angeles weather appears to be kind to your roof but as the old adage states, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Which of course, in the business of maintaining homes and buildings, that can mean hundreds of dollars versus thousands.