What’s the Best Time of Year to Fix the Roof in Los Angeles?

The short answer is in the summer and early fall. The worst time to fix the roof in is in the winter. Winter rains bring work to Los Angeles roofing companies. When it’s not raining, it’s slow, when it’s slow, like any business, prices go down.

It’s difficult for companies to schedule larger jobs during the unpredictable rainy season. Jobs get postponed, cancelled, moved around, interrupted, extra costs come into play and this is all beside the point that one doesn’t want an open roof to get rained on.

One factor that isn’t always known is that, usually, when you do a full re-roof, the existing must be torn off. And, usually the city inspector will want to come by the following day to inspect it. Very often roofers don’t know what time that will be, so, the entire day is left for the inspector. This usually means that your roof will be open for a night, a full day, and another night.

Roofers do not have insurance that covers damage from rain (almost no liability carrier will cover that) so in order to protect you they have to tarp the entire roof and this is almost never free. Generally it’s going to run about $700. If they have to come out the next day, remove the tarp for the inspector, and then install it again, the price goes up even higher.

Fix the Roof in Los Angeles in the Summer and Fall

If rain is expected they have to tarp the entire roof and this is almost never free.

And, there are other less obvious reasons for why one should get their roof done in the off season.

Price is perhaps the greatest reason. It isn’t just that roofers may raise or lower their prices based on the season, but, like any other market, their willingness to negotiate goes up or down depending upon how busy they are. Naturally, if it’s July and it hasn’t rained for months on end, they are going to be much slower than they were in January.

If you can’t get your roof fixed in the summer for some reason, then go for the fall rather than the Spring. Most roofers will have spent the entire summer with business being slow, so, they’ll still be willing to wheel and deal. Whereas in the spring, they are still used to being paid top dollar “winter rates” so, you may have trouble haggling or getting a lower starting point in the first place.

If at all possible, get your roof fixed in in the summer or fall.

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