Roofing and “El Niño” Conditions

Roofing and “El Niño” conditions go hand-in-hand. When it pours, all roof leaks are exposed and roofers can be so busy it takes weeks or months to get an appointment. Which can make for a very messy scene inside your home.

NOAA, in partnership with NASA, monitors “El Niño” conditions.  The chief element in dictating an El Niño is the size and position of the annual warm water mass off the Pacific coast.  It is now of almost unprecedented size, rivaling even the 97/98 El Niño. Indications for a large El Niño event are +90% – they probably don’t really go higher than that on their predictions.  This is the most certain I’ve seen them in a very long time.

We all know that every year the local news guys shout out “El Niño – El Niño!” – to the extent that they can legitimately be accused of crying wolf, but there is one guy we always listen to because he calls it like it is and doesn’t seem to have an agenda, and that’s Dr. Bill Patzert of JPL and he is on board with a major El Nino event this year.  If Bill Patzert says it’s going to rain like hell, it’s probably going to rain like hell, after all, he is the one predicted the 97/98 El Niño when everyone else, including all the local meteorologists laughed at him.  In fact last year he predicted another year of intense drought while everyone else was predicting El Niño (you get the idea).

We may just be heading into the heaviest rain in decades.  Naturally we roofers are happy because roofing and “El Niño” conditions bring work but we’re actually concerned it’s going to bring too much work, much like it did in 2005 when most companies (including us) were booked out 6six months. You may think we enjoy having too much work but really, we don’t.  It’s no fun telling someone you can’t help them for six months.

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