Not Raining, No Roof Troubles, Right?

I know it stopped raining. It seems like August in LA. But that does NOT mean you have no roof troubles. Now is the time to check to see what it is that needs help on your roof. If you wait for the next rain – you will get a long line of others in SoCal who have ALSO waited for Mother Nature to remind them of the troubles.

Put it on your HoneyDo list or add it to your weekend schedule. Maybe just pick up the phone and call a roofer. Make an appointment. Most roofers will come out if you know you have troubles and give you a free estimate. If you have not checked for in a year or longer, trust me, it’s worth the cost of a visit.

Roof Troubles?

Roof Trouble?

J and J charges $155 to come out and fully inspect your roof. The inspection also covers any basic maintenance needed and the sealing of anything found that looks vulnerable or open. Make sure to have your original roofing documents available that detail the age of the roof and any prior repairs or warranty documentation. Have in mind any work done in the past on that roof including A/C work or satellite dish installation.

You should have your roof evaluated to see if you need your roof cleaned and debris removed. They will check for areas that are weathering prematurely. You need to know if repairmen or installers have damaged your roof. Perhaps the recent storms caused damage from wind, heavy rain or debris thrown around by the storm. The inspector will thoroughly check for leaks and evaluate drainage trouble. All of this will determine if you need any warranty maintenance or repairs.

You can email or call today or fill out our form on the website. Or if you are not in our area – find another reputable who will charge a similar amount.They will give you the answer so you have no roof troubles!

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