Roof Trouble – What Does That Mean?

Winter is upon us and (someday) the rains will come to SoCal. And with the rain comes roof trouble. Of course, a leaky roof is the most troublesome and common problem that home and business owners deal with. But what else might need your attention?

Roofing shingles, tiles and other materials are susceptible to blow-offs when not properly installed from the beginning. Where flashing is not correctly attached, open seams and laps can cause such problems.

Lack of regular roofing maintenance is the main cause of roof trouble. For most people, the knowledge of how to maintain a roof is beyond their understanding and therefore, coupled with financial reasons, it can be neglected. Not only can this be the cause of leaks and blow-offs, but in some cases this can void a warranty. Finding and taking care of minor problems before they worsen can abate roof trouble and maximize the life of your roof.

Avoid Roof Trouble - use licensed and insured roofer
Avoid Roof Trouble. Always hire a licensed and insured roofer.

Faulty installation is also a major reason for roof trouble. When buying a roof, it’s important to speak to several roofers. You want to make sure that they are completely insured, bonded, have decades of roofing experience and they are actually licensed for roofing. You may find that the cheapest bid is not always the best company to go with. There is usually a reason that they are cheap.

The same goes for roofing repairs. It may seem like a great idea to have your favorite handy-man or your nephew climb up on the roof and take care of evident roof trouble. Not such a good idea – roofing is an actual science and there’s a reason that only licensed roofing contractors are, by law, allowed to handle roofing matters.

J and J Roofing handles all your roofing needs including an affordable roof maintenance check to avoid roof trouble. For $155 you get an inspection of your roof and simple maintenance to help ensure your roofing system works. Unless you have a brand new roof, we suggest this be done annually.