Roof Replacement – What to Expect

When you’re faced with getting a new roof for your house, there are a few things and terms you should know.  Roof replacement is one of the biggest investments you will make on your property and likely will only be done once in your ownership of the home or building.

Sometimes re- can be a nightmare, but it’s usually quick and relatively painless.  Most roofs should be completed, from start to finish, within four to five days. But once that it is done, if done right, you will not see a again for many years. Make sure to choose an experienced roofer with excellent references and full insurance and licensing.

Tear Off:
When you re-roof your house, the old roof usually has to come off, called a tear-off down to the boards.  Every city has it’s codes on how many roof layers there can be and a good, reputable local can advise you.  If you’ve had many leaks for a long period of time, it’s advisable to get the old off and fix any dry rot.  There’s usually some and in any case you’ll get a better roof if you start fresh.

The will usually tear off into a dump truck and it will be dusty and noisy.  Make sure the roofer has a large, wheeled magnet that he can run around your grass once they are done, to collect nails from your grass.

Wood deck, wood sheathing, deck boards:
The roof is attached to a wood surface and is usually made up of simple 1×8 deck boards or plywood.  Plywood was not broadly used until the 80s so if your house was built before that, it’s likely to be deck boards.  These usually need minor repair before the new roof can be put on.  If you have open beam “cathedral ceiling” areas of your home, you may get debris into your house so prepare for that.

City inspection:
After the roof is torn off and the wood deck is repaired, the will leave the permit attached to the ladder erected to the roof. The following day the city or county inspector will come by, check the wood deck, and sign off the permit giving his ok to cover the roof.

Loading the roof:
Usually this is done by the supplier with a conveyor belt truck.  It’s simple and quick. Once the roof is loaded, it’s usually over pretty quick, within 2 days usually.

There’s usually no reason why you cannot go on with your life at home during this entire operation.  It’s advisable to stay inside, keep windows and doors closed and to take normal precautions on going outside (such as warning them if you’re coming out the door, walking around the side, etc. so they don’t drop anything on your head, but, apart from being somewhat noisy, it’s not generally intrusive to your indoor life.

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