How Much Does a Roof Leak Repair Cost?

Anyone facing a roof leak wants to know what a roof leak repair cost will be and roof leaks can be pretty hard to figure ahead of time. There are some guidelines you follow.

If you have composition shingles, or a typical flat roof, a single leak should usually cost $350 – $600.  These are usually temporary repairs that will last anywhere from 3-5 years. Permanent repairs almost always cost more – the $650 – 1100 range. For example if you have a leak around a drain on your flat roof, usually this will cost about $800 to totally re-roof in that drain.

If you have more than one leak in different areas, add about $200 per leak.

Generally, if your roof is older, roof leak repair costs are likely to be more. Older roof material, which is usually more brittle and difficult to deal with can present problems necessitating a larger repair (such as redoing an entire area, perhaps even the entire slope).

Tile roof leak repair cost is almost always more, and usually requires an entire area to be completely redone simply because a temporary repair is often so expensive, it’s not worth the risk of it failing again. You may find that you are better off going for a re-roof of the area if it’s practical.  If the tile roof is only a few years old then a cheap repair is often possible. Again, if it’s an older roof, you’re usually going to pay more.

If you have experienced a significant rain event (hard rain, particularly if wind was involved) and you only have one leak, this is a good sign.  Usually a hard rain lasting at least 2 hours will make most problems leak. Very often light rain will not make issues present themselves as actual leaks, for various reasons.

These, of course, are approximate roof leak repair costs and keep in mind that you want to use a reputable roofer that has been around a long time for all your roofing needs. If someone repairs your roof and it leaks the next time it rains, you want to make sure you can find them to come back and sort out the problem.