85% of New Roofs & Roof Repairs at Los Angeles Roofer Come from Referrals

Are you in need of a new roof, roof repair or considering a renovation or building a new home or office building? J and J Roofing in Los Angeles is your solution.

Over the years, we have found that 85% of our business seems to come right back from the customers that we have previously serviced. When we come out and give you a free inspection (free, under most circumstances) you will be accurately advised of the condition of your roof, which will have been inspected by one of our top-notch roof inspectors.

You will be given a complete assessment of the options that you have to repair or replace your roof. You may be told that there is nothing needed or that another repair (AC, gutters, etc.)  is needed and that your trouble is not the roof itself.

jandjroofing in Los Angeles

J and J Roofing is a Los Angeles roofer, fully committed to high quality results from each visit to your home as well as any work done for our customers.

Michael Duff reviewed J and J Roofing a year ago:

“Excellent- I just had my roof redone by J & J and it was a brilliant job. Yes, I had to wait a while, but since the rains aren’t very big in the late spring/summer, I figured I could wait. And since they’d come so highly recommended I thought it’d be worth it.

I can see why they’re so busy. I’ve dealt with a lot of contractors in my 16 years owning this house and these have been the only guys who came when they were supposed to, finished when they were supposed to, and the job was done well, professionally and there was no mess afterward.

I even thought they’d covered a working vent (I was taking photos from my neighbor’s garage of the process) and one of their guys came back out and climbed into my attic (on a 100 degree day) getting ready to fix it but found that what was covered wasn’t a working vent at all, it was a hole made by a previous contractor that did nothing. And then he told me that the vent I was concerned about went out the side of my house under the roof – and then showed it working when I put the bathroom fan on.