Are you a Real Estate Agent or home buyer needing an inspection and report?

J&J Roofing offers inspections specifically tailored for agents, or buyers, needing the roof inspected during inspection contingencies.  Every inspector we send out has decades of experience, so you can be confident in their assessment.  Please call our office at 323-913-4190, and our staff will ensure you receive help as rapidly as possible.

Our inspection fee is partially or fully creditable toward the work prescribed in the inspection and report, depending on the size of the job, usually fully creditable.

We apologize but due to the heavy demand of this and other services we offer, we do not have availability to do “roof certificates”.  These differ from inspections and reports as they typically require a statement that the roof is guaranteed to be leak proof.  This kind of inspection is very time-consuming and while we are working on hiring more qualified inspectors, right now in order to service real estate agents and home buyers in the timely manner they need, we do not yet have sufficient personnel to enable us to also fit roof certifications in.