Why is it important to fix a roof leak in Los Angeles when it rains so rarely?

Let’s face it. The days of rain in the Los Angeles area are few and far between. So why then, is it so important to fix leaky roofing in Los Angeles? Must we jump and immediately repair a small roof leak as soon as we see one? Here is our answer.

Many of us consider that our home is our “safe haven”. It is not only the place we sleep and eat and watch TV, but it is our comfort zone, our private refuge and often the place we spend our most time with our family and friends. The roof over our head provides not only function and comfort but warmth and safety from the elements, including the heat and wind.

When we think of preventing disasters we might not think of a little leak as such a case. But keeping your roof in good condition and repairing leaks immediately when found has several important factors. This preventative practice can save the roof from further damage that can be caused once there is a hole and also could help with damages inside the home.

Leaky Roof Damages Homes

Because your roof is a critical system that provides essential safety for your family, it can be prone to damage that will lead to leaks. If these leaks are not tended to immediately, this may lead to a greater problem which will require more work and finances to repair. An ignored leak can even promote mold and mildew growth within the home or damage of the house’s foundation.

An older roofing system makes it more prone to damages that may lead to leaks. When not attended to immediately, this may cause a larger problem requiring more complex, expensive and time consuming repair. The issues that you might be faced with if you leave your leaking roof may range from damage to your interior walls and paint to growth of mold and mildew, to damage in your house’s foundation.

You should regularly check for these symptoms:

  • Skylights, vents, or around the chimney collecting moisture. Check the insulation for any wetness or mold growth.
  • Shingles with blisters, cracks or curls will show you that your roofing material may have outlived its life and might need to be replaced.
  • Loose or exposed nails, missing shingles or discolored patches may be seen.
  • Check chimneys, skylights, ridges, plumbing vents and eves for any damaged roof flashing. These have been found to create leakage.

Roof with shingle missing

If you find that you have any of these problems, call our office immediately. We will send out a highly qualified inspector who will comprehensively appraise your home or building to locate the exact cause of the problem. You will be given an accurate assessment including an explanation of the options that you have to repair or replace your roof. Additionally, realize that we may find that the problem lies not in the roof, but  that it is a different repair (AC, chimney, skylight, gutters, etc.)  that is necessary and that you don’t need to repair your roof or purchase a new roof.

Following this guide will help you to keep your roof in Los Angeles longer and in better condition.