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Free inspections to determine preventative maintenance needed. Future planning assessments. Cost effective leak management. Effective Flat solutions.

We offer a Free Estimate to answer your roofing questions. We will quickly turn around a meaningful bid that addresses the problem in clear terms, usually with edited digital pictures so that you don’t have to waste even more time explaining to the client or HOA Board what it’s for, or why it’s needed. A picture is worth a thousand words and our bids are thorough, uniform and easy to understand.

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We specialize in flat roof repairs that actually work.  We have numerous cost effective ways to deal with flat roof situations where most roofers would simply bid a re-roof. At J and J we understand that many clients — especially following the economic depression — do not have full treasuries and need cost effective leak management, not high dollar, budget busting bids.

Quality Commercial New Roof Installation and Repair

Our employees take pride in each and every commercial new roof installed or roof repaired. Every commercial project is completed utilizing the best materials available for each individual application.

*Licensed and Insured   *Fast Service   *Dependable   *Quality at a Fair Price

Some clients:
California Banquet Corp., California Design Team, Coldwell Banker Previews, Dilbeck
Realtors, DW Hanson Construction, Jenkins Properties, Inc., Keeler-Dilbeck Realty,
Management Emporium, PG Alexandre Construction, Inc., Sterpa Real Estate Services,
Roger Perron, Inc., Westcom Property Management

Many Churches * Many celebrities * Thousands of homeowners

Free Estimate

J&J is Liability and Workers Comp Insured. License # 761462 C39

As a General Contractor I have had many roofers over the years and you are one of the best.” – W.M.,

A large part of my life would have been more pleasant if all contractors dealt with their
customers like you did.” – M&R K.,

“The quality and workmanship blends in so perfectly with the existing roof. After my experience with you, I have gone through my business care file and thrown out all of the /roofer-related business cards. Now I have somebody I can refer my friends to!” – N.G., Altadena