The Big Rain Months are Here – Time to Check Out Your Roof!

Want to be on top of your roofing troubles? One of the owners of Los Angeles roofer, J and J Roofing, Matt Glass, Pasadena homeowner, explains here what to do.

It’s been a pretty dry winter for roofing but Farmer’s Almanac says January and February are supposed to be above average in rain for the Southwest part of the United States and those are the big rain months.  So far, early January hasn’t proved out for us in SoCal but don’t count your chickens just yet, we could get many inches of rain between now and early March.

Inspect Your Roof – Inside and Out!

There are things you can do before it rains or after the first decent rainfall:

Before it rains:

Do a walk around the eaves of your roof and look for any peeling paint or dry rot up under the eave in the soffit area. (Soffit – the underside of a part or member of a building, as of an overhang or staircase.) If you’re not sure it’s dry rot, poke at it with a screwdriver, if it goes in easily, you’ve got dry rot and most likely a roof leak.


This is an Example of a Soffit


Check out your roof.  You can even use binoculars and ensure none of the roofing material, such as shingles, slate, wood shakes, wood shingles, tile or even flat roofing such as torchdown or hot tar has come loose, is curling, blistering or starting to flare up.  This is particularly important if you’ve had a good windstorm.

After the first decent rain:

Do a thorough walk around inside your home with the lights on and/or a flashlight and check your ceilings and walls for discoloration.  You’ll want to check inside closets and particularly inside the water heater closet, over sinks, tubs, the stove, the furnace, around the chimney, etc.  All these items have vent pipes that go out through the roof and those vent pipes have flashings sealed with mastic or tar which are one of the most common sources for a roof leak.  Your chimney has a metal flashing, also a metal saddle or cricket that can also leak and all these things need to be sealed again and again for the life of a roof.  Skylights are also a common source and sometimes it’s the skylight itself or it could be the skylight flashing that connects the skylight box, or curb, to the roof.  Skylights have a rubber gasket between the lens and the skylight frame and they often will last only 10 years.

If you have an open beam or cathedral ceiling area with exposed wood (meaning, you don’t have an attic or crawlspace over this room) often there is very little sign except faint drip lines unless you happen to catch the water dripping during the rain.  If you hold the light at the right angle you can usually see these.  Sometimes homeowners don’t notice these lines until the summer.  It doesn’t always mean a roof leak; sometimes it could be condensation or water vapor collecting on the ceiling and it will run and form faint water drip lines.

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How Do I Know When Roof Replacement is necessary?

In Los Angeles, roof replacement is not required as often as other areas with more severe weather. Roofing in areas like Woodland Hills or West Hills, where the weather is hotter and the sun more relentless may have a slightly shorter life. Of course, homes in Los Feliz, Silverlake, Burbank or Pasadena may find longer roof life and less roof replacement issues.

Regardless, there are two inspections necessary to know when a new roof is needed for a home or building. Of course, the exterior of the roof should be thoroughly inspected by an experienced and reputable roofing company. Additionally, the interior of your home should be checked, as well.

Very often, leaks or missing tiles/shingles can be repaired with an inexpensive visit from your local roofer. It is most important that any problem be noted early and immediate steps are taken to ensure full repair. Early detection is important in roofing troubles, they never repair themselves, only develop into bigger more expensive problems.

Often shingles or tiles will be missing. High winds or improper installation can cause displacement of tiles and shingles. Rain gutters should checked for excessive debris. Also, it should be noted if granules from the roofing material have dislodged and are in the gutters. On an older roof this could mean that it is time to reroof or replace your roof.

If the roof is found to have been improperly installed or damaged flashing is noticed around vents, chimneys or skylights, this is a cause for concern. Shingles may buckle as a result of felt that is not properly installed and also if the roof decking is found to be improperly nailed. If problems are determined early and repaired to avoid leaks onto the wooden roof decking, roof replacement may be avoided.

Significant to the decision of whether or not roof replacement is needed, is the condition of the rafters and roof decking. Finding that the decking is sagging between the rafters or (as mentioned before) decking is damaged will indicate that roofing work is definitely needed. Replacing missing shingles or tiles, will not necessarily take care of these roofing problems.

Signs of leaking found in the attic may be noted by dark spots on the wood or walls, or around holes in the roof such as vents, chimneys and the like. If the spot is soft or still wet, an obvious recent leak has occurred. If the stains are dry and hard, then perhaps the cause of the leak has already been rectified.

If you have your roof inspected annually by a roofing contractor, such as J and J Roofing, your chances of roof longevity improve greatly. Los Angeles weather appears to be kind to your roof but as the old adage states, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Which of course, in the business of maintaining homes and buildings, that can mean hundreds of dollars versus thousands.

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Why is it important to fix a roof leak in Los Angeles when it rains so rarely?

Let’s face it. The days of rain in the Los Angeles area are few and far between. So why then, is it so important to fix leaky roofing in Los Angeles? Must we jump and immediately repair a small roof leak as soon as we see one? Here is our answer.

Many of us consider that our home is our “safe haven”. It is not only the place we sleep and eat and watch TV, but it is our comfort zone, our private refuge and often the place we spend our most time with our family and friends. The roof over our head provides not only function and comfort but warmth and safety from the elements, including the heat and wind.

When we think of preventing disasters we might not think of a little leak as such a case. But keeping your roof in good condition and repairing leaks immediately when found has several important factors. This preventative practice can save the roof from further damage that can be caused once there is a hole and also could help with damages inside the home.

Leaky Roof Damages Homes

Because your roof is a critical system that provides essential safety for your family, it can be prone to damage that will lead to leaks. If these leaks are not tended to immediately, this may lead to a greater problem which will require more work and finances to repair. An ignored leak can even promote mold and mildew growth within the home or damage of the house’s foundation.

An older roofing system makes it more prone to damages that may lead to leaks. When not attended to immediately, this may cause a larger problem requiring more complex, expensive and time consuming repair. The issues that you might be faced with if you leave your leaking roof may range from damage to your interior walls and paint to growth of mold and mildew, to damage in your house’s foundation.

You should regularly check for these symptoms:

  • Skylights, vents, or around the chimney collecting moisture. Check the insulation for any wetness or mold growth.
  • Shingles with blisters, cracks or curls will show you that your roofing material may have outlived its life and might need to be replaced.
  • Loose or exposed nails, missing shingles or discolored patches may be seen.
  • Check chimneys, skylights, ridges, plumbing vents and eves for any damaged roof flashing. These have been found to create leakage.

Roof with shingle missing

If you find that you have any of these problems, call our office immediately. We will send out a highly qualified inspector who will comprehensively appraise your home or building to locate the exact cause of the problem. You will be given an accurate assessment including an explanation of the options that you have to repair or replace your roof. Additionally, realize that we may find that the problem lies not in the roof, but  that it is a different repair (AC, chimney, skylight, gutters, etc.)  that is necessary and that you don’t need to repair your roof or purchase a new roof.

Following this guide will help you to keep your roof in Los Angeles longer and in better condition.


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Even in Los Angeles the Elements Can Destroy Your Roofing

How’s your roof holding out?

Even Los Angeles weather can wreak havoc on your roof. There are numerous signs that you should watch for to know when it is time to replace your roof. J and J Roofing is one of the top Los Angeles roofing companies. We would suggest that you set up an annual inspection for your roof.

Of course, if you see new stains on the ceiling after rains, this is a sure sign that something is leaking. Sometimes this will manifest with peeling paint or bubbling plaster on walls or ceilings. If you have an attic, make sure to check up there for leaks as well. Keep an eye out for shingle debris on your lawn or in the gutters. If you seeing that your shingles are curling or buckling or blistering, call us to come out and check it out.

Los Angeles Weather for Los Angeles Roofing Companies

Image by Nathan Gibbs

Remember we do not charge for roofing estimates in the Los Angeles area.

Your roof is always exposed to the harsh elements of Southern California – the heat of the sun, the winds, the rain and the occasional hail we experience.

The strong winds can cause the shingles to lift which can then generate dry rot which will threaten the structural integrity of your roof.  The ultraviolet rays and extreme heat of the sun will eventually age roofing materials – check the south and west surfaces, especially. When the winds really kick up like the Santa Ana’s or just strong winter currents of air, your shingles can lift, forcing the rainwater and even debris underneath the shingles. Once that some of your shingles have come off, this may make it more likely for the remaining shingles to loosen and rip or blow off. Remember that tree branches can cause damage to your shingles. If there are leaves in gutters and on the roof, these can cause rot from the moisture they hold. The leaves can also block drainage causing standing water.

What’s the cost? We do Roof Checks for $155.00 which is an industry leading price and this includes on-the-spot minor repairs, sealing, drain cleaning (flat roofs), etc. Most roofs qualify for this.   Exceptions would be large commercial buildings or extremely steep roofs and the like. If your roof does not qualify for the $155.00 service, we’ll just give you a free estimate on what needs to be done.

So whether you need a roof inspection, a whole new roof or a repair, remember that J and J Roofing is one of the top Los Angeles roofing companies. Visit our website to schedule an appointment or just give us a call.  

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85% of New Roofs & Roof Repairs at Los Angeles Roofer Come from Referrals

Are you in need of a new roof, roof repair or considering a renovation or building a new home or office building? J and J Roofing in Los Angeles is your solution.

Over the years, we have found that 85% of our business seems to come right back from the customers that we have previously serviced. When we come out and give you a free inspection (free, under most circumstances) you will be accurately advised of the condition of your roof, which will have been inspected by one of our top-notch roof inspectors.

You will be given a complete assessment of the options that you have to repair or replace your roof. You may be told that there is nothing needed or that another repair (AC, gutters, etc.)  is needed and that your trouble is not the roof itself.

jandjroofing in Los Angeles

J and J Roofing is a Los Angeles roofer, fully committed to high quality results from each visit to your home as well as any work done for our customers.

Michael Duff reviewed J and J Roofing a year ago:

“Excellent- I just had my roof redone by J & J and it was a brilliant job. Yes, I had to wait a while, but since the rains aren’t very big in the late spring/summer, I figured I could wait. And since they’d come so highly recommended I thought it’d be worth it.

I can see why they’re so busy. I’ve dealt with a lot of contractors in my 16 years owning this house and these have been the only guys who came when they were supposed to, finished when they were supposed to, and the job was done well, professionally and there was no mess afterward.

I even thought they’d covered a working vent (I was taking photos from my neighbor’s garage of the process) and one of their guys came back out and climbed into my attic (on a 100 degree day) getting ready to fix it but found that what was covered wasn’t a working vent at all, it was a hole made by a previous contractor that did nothing. And then he told me that the vent I was concerned about went out the side of my house under the roof – and then showed it working when I put the bathroom fan on.


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“A” Rating for Los Angeles Roofers – J and J Roofing Company

We a Rated on Angies list for Los Angeles Roofers with an “A” rating from Quality to Pricing.

Spring is here. If you are in need of roof repair or reviewing Los Angeles roofers for a roof replacement project, today is a great day to call our office. It is so easy to ignore roofing leaks in the summertime.

We offer free inspections in almost all cases. Call our office today at 877.7MY.ROOF or 323.913.4190 or click here.

Whether you live in Burbank, Encino, Northridge, Pasadena, Sherman Oaks, Studio City, Tarzana or  Woodland Hills, Los Angeles based J and J Roofing services all of these areas and more.

Some people notice leaks in the corner of a room or in the middle of the ceiling. You may just see a stain, but never really heard the drip, drip, drip of the leak. Don’t delay, call today for your free roofing inspection anywhere in the Los Angeles area.


Free Roof Leak Inspection

Free Roof Leak Inspection


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Last Call Before the Storms…

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Here comes the rain again…

As we reach the end of the warmer months and finally enter into the rainy season, right now is the perfect time to reach our inspectors since they’re most likely to be most available for your calls.

Having your roof checked now is easier than being forced to react to costly leaks during the rainy season when every roofer’s phones ring off the hook. We’re already starting to get really busy with work so we figure it’s going to be a busy winter. The last few years have been slow and people will be playing catch up.

Before the storms

J&J Roofing offers it’s $155.00 roof check-up, available just by calling 323 913 4190, or by emailing us.  This check-up involves an inspector (30-plus years experience) checking over your entire roofing system and sealing/repairing vulnerable points found.  The reason we offer this is because when we do free estimates, due to having to cover the costs of experienced inspectors (and drive time and mileage and overhead), repair bids are usually higher than $155.00

Agreeing to a roof check-up is a no-brainer because of a few simple things:

1) You are guaranteed to get $155.00 worth of help which means peace of mind.
2) You save money by agreeing to the comparatively low repair price offered
3) if we actually find nothing to do, we don’t charge.

In some rare cases, such as there being too much work to handle (i.e. more than a couple hours) or other factors including extremely steep roofs or extremely large (e.g. commercial) buildings, we cannot do the $155.00 roof check-up, we will send you a free estimate on what it would take to handle your roof.  In other words, you won’t get surprised with a bill.

We can be reached at 323.913.4190, from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm, Monday through Friday.  Getting you set up for this roof check-up is very easy, give us a call.

If you’re looking for a someone to handle your cool roof system, we’re the roofing company… before the storms.

Get a roofing estimate!

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Energy Efficient Roofing – Cut Your Cooling Costs by Reflecting the Sun Off the Roof

Energy Efficient Roofing can save money on your cooling costs for the summer.

The first concept is reflecting the sun. In the case of flat roofs (or roofs that are sloped roofs but have a flat, smooth roof type product on it that are not shingles), we suggest a white ultra-reflective coating.  The coating is essentially a rubberized paint with highly effective UV inhibitors built in.

Matt Glass inspecting a roof

Matt Glass Inspecting a Roof

Lowering the temperature in your attic makes it easier for your air conditioner to cool your house. Matt, one of the J & J Roofing owners, said that he found the following after he coated his flat roof.

Energy Efficient Roofing Results

Prior to coating: Outside air temp = 92 degrees @ 2pm, inside air temp 79 degrees and rising with the AC running full blast since 11:30am.
After coating: Outside air temp = 92 degrees @ 2pm, inside air temp 72 degrees. Haven’t turned on AC yet!

Obviously, results vary depending on exposure to your home.

If you’re looking for a someone to handle your cool roof system, we’re the roofing company.

Get a roofing estimate!

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