Be Prepared: Why Your Roof Needs a Check-Up Now

Be Prepared: Why Your Roof Needs a Check-Up Now
June 18, 2024

Be Prepared: Why Your Roof Needs a Check-Up Now

Why our $155 special is worth it!

It may seem silly to worry about roof leaks during the dead of summer.  But the next rainy season will be here before you know it.  The best time to ensure your roofing system is up to par is during spells of dry weather, when roofers are not inundated with calls.  And all bets are off on what could happen with future rains, just last February we have over 4 inches of rainfall in downtown LA, the wettest day in decades.  Unusual weather events seem to be more common these days.

If you have a relatively newer roof, you should be fine.  Observe your roof to see if there is damage from some external source like a tree or vines or from objects hitting it, and if it’s free from such damage, you have a reasonable expectation to be in good shape.  Another thing to look out for is heavy accumulation of debris.  If you are safe/comfortable removing such yourself, or know someone who can safely do it, it’s important to keep such debris cleared.  Or J&J Roofing can assist with this.

Most of us don’t have a brand new roof.  So getting the roof looked at by a trained professional is never a bad idea.

J&J Roofing offers a roof check-up service for $155.00. This includes an inspection of the roofing system and simple maintenance based on our findings (and if it’s not too much debris, can include the debris removal like I mentioned earlier). Generally, this takes roughly one hour on-site for inspection and work. We’ve conducted thousands of these over the years, and I can confidently say that customers who utilize this service spend 50% or more less on roofing issues alone than if they wait until they have to react to a leak. The roof check-up service does not entail a re-roof, so there is no guarantee, but just as you wouldn’t skip having a mechanic check your car’s basics during an oil change, you should have your roof periodically inspected. Again, we do not recommend this for people who have recently had a re-roof done by us, as the roof should remain in good condition for a long time, aside from keeping debris off it. However, as the roof ages, whenever you feel the need for the peace of mind that a check-up can provide, give us a call at (323) 913-4190, and we’ll get you set up.

Another question we get on this is “what if the roof can be repaired but it’s more than just an hour of work”, the answer is simple.  Obviously we can’t do a roof check up service for extensive repairs involving a lot of materials and labor.  So we would simply give you a free estimate on it, no obligation.  However, very often we find that a roof check-up service is all that is needed.  Either way we ensure you get the most value for your hard earned money.

Stay safe, stay cool during this summer, and as always, let us know if there’s anything we can do to help.